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No one describes the Crawford Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center experience better than our very own residents and their families. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care for our residents, treating them with respect and dignity.

Read what they're saying...

“When I came here I could not walk, I could not use my legs, I did not know my own name; I was just lost. The therapy that you get is just great. And I’m grateful to those therapists for all that they’ve done because without them I couldn’t have made it through all of this. My goal has been just to walk so I can get home and feel some independence. It becomes like a family. You just go with each day and get better, they try to keep you motivated. I have no complaints at all; they just give you everything you need. When you think about how down you can be in a situation like this, you can’t talk, you’re disoriented, you can’t walk…to where I am today, I’m proud of myself really, but I couldn’t have done it without all of these people. We chose Crawford because it was a good location and the care… I would do it again, if I had to come back I’d do it again. I’ve recommended to my friends because it was great for me.”

Marcia C., Fort Smith

“My husband and I were both here … I had a heart attack and he had some other problems. They helped us get back on our feet. The people were very, very nice--anything we needed they tried very hard to get it and usually did … all of the staff … both in rehab and out on the floor.”

Norma L., Van Buren

“I went home spoiled because all the workers did everything they could to improve our condition. We came here as one person and we left like another person. So we’ve got nothing but good to say about the facility here. If I ever get old, which I don’t intend to, here’s where I want to come because it’s a place that’ll get us on our feet and help us mentally and physically. It’s just a great place. They certainly treated us, got us on our feet and got us able to go home. You know, there’s no place like home and though this was great and what we needed, we still were happy to go home. It was one of the wisest choices we ever made."

Alfred L., Van Buren

“The therapists were amazing! They would just come in and hug us and hug mom and dad. With dad a lot of it was mental and they had him doing all kinds of games, you know, putting the pegs in the holes and at first he wasn’t sure and I said dad this is really helping you mentally and he was cooperative. The physical therapy and the cognitive therapy was great. The employees here treated mom and dad like their parents.”

Sherry P., (parents were at Crawford at the same time)

“When my parents first came to Crawford, we thought we were looking at long term care; we were doubtful they would ever go home. It seemed like they had deteriorated too much in the hospital. But through the care and therapy they received, they were totally different people--the nutrition, activities – that’s the reason they got to go home. I’ve been in and out of here and have seen nothing but good; a place where you can come for rehab and have the ability to go home, or if you need to stay long-term, there’s that option as well. You know, when the time comes and you can’t go home, Crawford is a wonderful place to be."

Sheila W., (parents were at Crawford at the same time)
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